FBME bank problems are getting worse each and every day. These are hard times for customers of the Federal Bank of the Middle East. There bank accounts were blocked and frozen in 2014, and in 2015 partly released. Only when they have another bank account in Cyprus they can wire a check (also called demand draft) and deposit it. 

Cash isn't available anymore at FBME. Daily operations are shut down for a big part because Card Services and the FX department aren't operational. FBME bank news is not shared with everyone and even the customer service department are not very cooperative by telephone and e-mail. It leaves the customer in a position no-one ever wants to be in. 

The goal of this website is to inform the public and all stakeholders about the proceedings with the bank. If anything new and exciting happens, you can read it here. For now, recovery services and solutions are available for customers but only when they hire professional legal help. Info available under the solutions tab on this website and here: FBME solutions