FBME accounts

Large numbers of customers of the Federal Bank of the Middle East are facing problems. In July 2014 the bank closed its operations without any notification upfront. The Central Banks of Cyprus and Tanzania took over management and the official owners, employees and customers don't know what is going on and where this situation is moving forward to. 
FBME accounts were frozen, blocked and now there is just a minimal way to access the account. Cash is not available anymore and also the exchange of currencies is not allowed, and even worse blocked. 
The bank doesn't provide much information and FBME bank updates are minimal. Unfortunately this means that people with FBME accounts don't know what will happen to their funds on the account either. It is a strange situation to be in. Especially since it came as a thunder on a clear and sunny day. 
There are some solutions for people with FBME bank accounts. They will be discussed at another part of this website. For now it is enough to realize that it is always better to take action and find a solution for a problem than to be passive and wait for things to change. Destiny can be changed but only with appropriate action.