FBME solutions

If you're a current customer of FBME bank in Cyprus or Tanzania and you cannot access your bank account, you're probably hunting for FBME solutions like many do. Since July 2014 the bank is under strict resolution from the governments. If a situation like this goes on for more than half a year, there is a serious problem. 
Everyone knows that when the bank opens its doors again each and every client from everywhere around the world will get his money out. The bank will probably not even survive its first day without solvency problems. This should be a wake up call for every customer. Action is not non-committal anymore. You have to do something to secure your assets. 
The administrator in Cyprus formulated a number of rules for customers to access their funds. First of all, only Euro transactions are possible. Second, customers can issue a check to themselves. This check cannot be transferred to cash but must be deposited at another bank in Cyprus. The maximum amount per day is € 1.000.  
It's a difficult situation for people not living in Cyprus. Fortunately FBME bank solutions are available and presented by professional legal advisers. They help you to open a bank account and transfer your funds to this new opened account. 
It is unclear as to what will happen to FBME in the future. Therefore we urge you to take some kind of action soon.